October 25 AGCOM Agenda

Agricultural Council of Maine Meeting Agenda
Tuesday, October 25, 2016
9:00 a.m. — 12:00 p.m.
4 Gabriel Street (Farm Bureau Building), Augusta Maine

1. Call to Order; Introduction of Guests
2. Program:
• Extension’s Food Science Team, Beth Calder, Jason Bolton, & Robson (Hob) Machado
• Jessica Nixon and Ashley Sears, Marketing Specialists from the Department of Agriculture, Conservation & Forestry would like to discuss the Maine FARMS program .
• Farm Bill Discussion by Marge, Olin, & Chris from Senator King’s office and Emily from Congresswoman Pingree’s office. Please come with ideas of what your groups would like/need to see in the next Farm Bill.
3. Secretary’s Report of Meeting-final draft sent via email October 5th.
Treasurer’s Report—
9/27/16 Beginning Balance $9,771.55
Revenues 9/031/2020 Interest $0.42
Membership $0.00
Expenditures: $0.00
Checkbook Balance Sept. 27, 2016 $9,771.97
4. Legislative Updates
5. Old business:
• The group decided to send congratulatory notes to Tour attendees who win their elections in November. How would you like that done?
• The group wanted flyers to be printed for distribution at the Trade Show in January about why groups should join AGCOM. How many should we print and who or how will they be distributed?
6. New Business:
7. Updates:
• Department of Agriculture Update
• College of Natural Sciences, Forestry, and Agriculture
Maine Agricultural and Forest Experiment Station Update
• Extension Update
• Kennebec Valley Community College Update
• USDA Update
• Other Updates
8. Adjournment, the next meeting will be November 29, from 9 -noon at the Farm Bureau Building. We are accepting program ideas.
MDACF releases:
Maine Horticultural Sales Increases:
Maine Agricultural Trade Show Information: